FCG Fonder moves Placerum-funds from Luxembourg to Sweden through mergers

FCG Fonder AB (“FCG Fonder“) have previously announced that we successfully have transferred Luxembourg fund to Sweden through mergers. We are now happy to announce that we have transferred three additional funds, this time in co-operation with Placerum Kapitalförvaltning AB.
The following funds were merged on 12 June 2020:

• SEF – Placerum Optimera, Class A, (LU0862806394), and
Placerum Optimera (SE0013749439)

• SEF – Placerum Balanserad, Class A, (LU0862805743), and
Placerum Balanserad, A (SE0013749413)
• SEF – Placerum Balanserad, Class I, (LU0862805826), and
Placerum Balanserad, B, (SE0013749421)

• SEF – Placerum Dynamisk, Class A, (LU0862806048), and
Placerum Dynamisk, Class A, (SE0013749397)
• SEF – Placerum Dynamisk, Class I, (LU0862806121), and
Placerum Dynamisk, B, (SE0013749405)

The Swedish funds, with Swedish ISIN (”SE”) are now open for trade.

FCG Fonder is a Swedish fund company (UCITS) and AIF Manager (known as Super ManCo) with authorization from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, founded in 2014. FCG Fonder offers a comprehensive fund management offering aimed at the Nordic market. FCG Fonder currently manages about SEK 16 billion distributed over 40 funds. FCG Fonder’s enabling customers to focus on their core business activities by offering a business model including fund management, administration, asset management and outsourcing of risk control functions.