FCG Fonder and Swedbank launch exclusive fund service partnership

FCG Fonder AB (“FCG Fonder“) and Swedbank AB (“Swedbank“) have launched an exclusive partnership in providing fund services. FCG Fonder and Swedbank will offer an integrated offer to customers who are looking for a comprehensive solution for their fund management.

Within the framework of the collaboration, FCG Fonder will act as fund company and AIF manager, and Swedbank will act as administrator, custodian and depositary. The offering is aimed at customers who currently manage assets in existing funds, or those who manage assets outside of funds and see the benefits of migrating into funds.

By using FCG Fonder and Swedbank, customers can reduce their risk and increase their focus on revenue generating activities, while maintaining high quality in the services. The joint offer is aimed at UCITS and Swedish Special Funds.

“It feels great to be able to launch a collaboration with such a strong actor as Swedbank, where we can deliver something really good to the market together” Thomas Nilsson, CEO of FCG Fonder comments.

For enquiries, please contact: CEO, Thomas Nilsson, 0766-350 508, Thomas.Nilsson@fcgfonder.se

FCG Fonder is a Swedish fund company (UCITS) and AIF Manager (known as Super ManCo) with authorization from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, founded in 2014. FCG Fonder offers a comprehensive fund management offering aimed at the Nordic market. FCG Fonder currently manages about SEK 16 billion distributed over 40 funds. FCG Fonder’s enabling customers to focus on their core business activities by offering a business model including fund management, administration, asset management and outsourcing of risk control functions.