Fund Management

Fund Management

FCG Fund Management manages the entire process of setting up new funds or taking over existing funds. We can offer securities-based funds such as UCITS or Swedish Special Funds and alternative funds (non-listed AIFs).

Increased regulation and changes in capital markets require innovative and effective processes. We also see the trend of globalization and new technology which increases the demand to adopt. All in all, the burden of conducting licensed activities rise in combination with increased competition.

In such an environment, our clients choose to focus on their core activities and outsource parts that are burdensome and not directly revenue-generating. Our clients can also reduce the risk that the changing environment entails.

FCG Fund Management is a licensed fund management company authorized to manage UCITS- and Alternative Investment Funds. FCG can offer various comprehensive solutions based on your needs where the overall infrastructure, administration, risk management and / or asset management around the funds is managed by specialists.

FCG Fund Management’s solution entails cost efficiency and enabling our customers to focus on the revenue-generating core business, i.e. asset management, distribution and sales. Based on our client’s goal, FCG Fund Management can have the formal responsibility for the fund operations and be the primary counterparty to the authorities. This means a lower risk level for you than you would run a fund company yourself with the necessary permits. FCG Fund Management can also handle more specific parts of your operations, such as risk management and reporting.

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Why FCG Funds?

Competence and innovative


• Our ability to solve customer problems, regardless of complexity, and insight into their business creates a unique possibility.

• We have deep skills in all areas to set up and run fund business.

FCG Group


• The availability of our sister company, the Nordic region's leading consultancy in the financial sector, gives us access to skills and resources. We can thus help our customers to run their projects in land on time.

Complete solutions


• We provide a comprehensive solution for our customers and can help them with all the elements required to run financial activities. For example outsourcing, authorities, governance, processes, as well as risk, portfolio management, marketing & distribution and compliance.

License for all
fund types


• We have license permit for both securities-based and alternative funds.

• We can thus offer a wide range of funds that our customers need.

Local presence and operations


• We are local and based in Stockholm, Malmö and in Oslo. We believe that being local is key to be close to our customers.

• The FCG-Group has also offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki and in Frankfurt.